our values

 Build trust

  • We only sell genuine, untreated, Myanmar gems
  • We do not buy gems produced from mines owned by military companies in Myanmar
  • We only buy from sources with an established high quality reputation within the Myanmar gems industry

 Ensure sustainable benefits for Myanmar

  • We only sell gems mined and cut in Myanmar
  • We create local jobs by using local suppliers, trades people and manufacturers for all our jewellery products and packaging
  • We build the knowledge and skills of our suppliers and own workforce
  • We use recycled Myanmar gold wherever possible.
  • We do not sell jade or jade jewellery

Provide a positive community impact

  • We promote responsible and sustainable practices in the businesses and industries of our supply chain
  • We give back to communities and causes that are affected by or contribute to our business

 Support global responsible business standards

  • We abide by the standards of the United Nations Global Compact (anti-corruption, human rights, labour laws and the environment)
  • We respect the standards of the Responsible Jewellery Council