our story

The concept of Mia Ruby grew out of a search to buy responsibly sourced gems and jewellery in Myanmar for my own young daughter, Mia Ruby. 

Myanmar has an amazing wealth of superb quality gems. It is famous for having the world’s best rubies, but also has significant deposits of high quality sapphires and spinel, along with many other gems. Yet finding responsibly sourced gems and jewellery that can be trusted is very difficult in Myanmar, particularly for foreign buyers. Our key concerns included avoiding military owned companies or mines, and buying legitimate local Myanmar gems rather than lesser quality imports from other countries or artificially enhanced gems.

As such, we only buy our gems through well-known sources with an established high quality reputation within the Myanmar gems industry. These sources do not sell gems produced from military owned or linked mines but rather buy direct from traders and mine operators in Mogok, Myanmar. They also sell only untreated, natural stones.

As an international development professional who worked in Myanmar for over four years, I am also passionate about ensuring that the business community helps the people of Myanmar. The majority of Myanmar’s gems are illegally exported from the country, bringing limited benefit to Myanmar, one of the poorest countries in Asia. Mia Ruby is committed to sourcing and producing its jewellery locally, generating long-term, sustainable employment, skills and revenue for the country. I hope that you share our passion for a sustainable gems and jewellery trade in Myanmar!